Wednesday, 10 February 2016

distant stitch diploma CH 1
so reverting to my childhood and painting my feet for prints!
Seeing the print made me think about whether footprints, that is toes, are they as unique as fingerprints. so investigation shows that they are but i don't think many thieves are asked to give them.
This remind me of contour maps .
This thinking of feet seems to be leading me on a journey and started to think about the beauty of the ballet and the contrast of the damage to the female dancer's feet who dance on point shoes. Point shoes were introduced in the second half of the nineteenth century and give a certain grace to the dancer's moves however a ballerina's feet are not a pretty sight. The toes have to fit into a stiff cup which is known as a block or box.
This is a study of my foot, pointed as if in a pointe shoe.
A sketch of a point shoe.
The beauty of the costumes, music and dance is a stark contrast to the pain and dedication of the dancers and is interesting that it is usually only female dancers that wear the pointe shoe. when i was thirteen i visited Toulouse on a school exchange visit and my host went after school to ballet lessons.
These lasted several hours and needed a lot of commitment every night after school. for a thirteen year old it was a new experience of shared dressing room of male and female dancers , a real eye opener.