Monday, 26 June 2017

Distant stitch diploma. Ch2

I decided to continue using different media and technique to explore fingerprints more fully.
Using monoprint ,I liked the niose of the line. I also used spirals to denote the turn of a ballet dancer movement when on point.
Again on patterned paper using koh-I-nooor paints and salt to make patterns.
I also did a Lino print and I really liked the mark it makes and the ability to replicate, I also took rubbings from this and printed onto patterned paper.

I also used the technique of putting chalk /pastel down onto a base and covered with oil pastel then put a plain piece of paper and drew on the back to transfer the lines which were very delicate. The slightly spottiness reminded me of the bugs that are on our hands, as nurses we use a cream that shows up under uv light to show up any places on our hands where we have missed when washing them.
The technique worked much better with wax crayons and I like the mirror image.
I tried printing from my own finger prints onto patterned paper but too dark and dominant .
I also used ink and drew into  it withbleach. I then layered printed papers , I liked the burnt edges as more distinctive. Ideas for manipulating fabrics by wrapping, counching , channels of transparent fabrics with colourful threads inserted.

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